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Facebook Gives Green Light to Swedish Data Center

Has Facebook finally caved to Greenpeace’s demands? The social network giant has for the past 18 months been embroiled in an ongoing battle with environmental activists over Facebook’s data center expansion plans. Greenpeace wants Facebook to adopt 100 percent renewable energy for its facilities, in part as a way to signal to the larger IT industry — and Facebook’s half-billion users — that renewable power is a force to be reckoned with. Facebook has so far countered primarily that it’s going above and beyond the norm for energy efficiency, building two new data centers with industry-leading energy efficiency metrics. At the same time, there’s long been doubt in IT circles that fully relying on renewable energy is not yet feasible for data centers of Facebook’s size and specifications. That story continues to evolve today, as Facebook officially announces that it is building a green data center in Sweden, just south of the Arctic Circle, that will be powered almost entirely by hydroelectric power, and cooled by outside air. More…

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