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The Battle for Biodiversity: Monsanto and Farmers Clash

  • 28 mars 2011

Two weeks ago, Monsanto announced the latest genetically engineered crop it hopes to bring to market: a soybean rejiggered to resist the herbicide dicamba. The new product, says Monsanto, will aid in weed control and "deliver peace of mind for…


Food companies on quest for the next generation of healthy

  • 21 mars 2011

For decades, packaged-food companies have been reducing fat and calories in their products. More recently the industry undertook a broad-based effort to eliminate trans fats, and even high-fructose corn syrup. But today, big food is at a crossroads. The companies…


Asian tech companies chip in relief to Japan quake victims

  • 16 mars 2011

Technology companies across Asia have found ways to help people in Japan left devastated by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake last Friday, the 7-meter tsunami it spawned, and displacement caused by troubles at a nuclear power plant there. China's, for example,…


Coke, Colgate, DuPont and Others Form Environmental Packaging Lobby Group

  • 9 mars 2011

Colgate-Palmolive, Coca-Cola, DuPont, Dow Chemical and Kellogg’s are among the major U.S. corporations that have created a trade organization to represent the packaging industry and coordinate the sector’s environmental efforts. The American Institution for Packaging and the Environment (Ameripen) will…


OGM, un marché ouvert pour les leaders

  • 2 mars 2011

Les semences génétiquement modifiées passent au stade de l’exploitation à  grande échelle dans plusieurs pays. L’américain Monsanto et le suisse Syngenta sont les premiers à  en bénéficier. Le débat sur les OGM est-il encore d’actualité ? Les biotechnologies sont désormais soutenues…

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