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Google Updates Anti-Censorship Weapons

  • 21 septembre 2010

Earlier this year Google launched an innovative “Government Requests map,” which showed how regularly governments around the world were asking Google to remove information or content from its index and services. Google won plaudits for the initiative, as well as…


Microsoft and Russia

  • 14 septembre 2010

Microsoft made the right decision to stop helping Russian authorities use claims of software piracy to harass and silence dissenters. On Monday, it announced that it is barring its lawyers from taking part in such cases and will provide a…


Bayer MaterialScience develops “green shoe” concept

  • 13 septembre 2010

Bayer MaterialScience has developed a unique concept for a “green shoe” that uses a whole host of sustainable materials and technologies. These include renewable polyurethane feedstocks, raw materials for solvent-free coatings and adhesives, and a polycarbonate blend and thermoplastic polyurethane…


J&J Giving $200M To Fund Countries Health

  • 8 septembre 2010

Health giant Johnson & Johnson is donating about $200 million in cash and medicine to a sweeping United Nations program created to improve the health and lives of people in poor countries. J&J is launching a five-year program called "Every…


Samsung Promotes Green Memory and Washing Machine, Recycling

  • 7 septembre 2010

Samsung Electronics Co. has been quite vocal on green issues over the last two days. Expanded “Green Memory” initiative, the “Eco Bubble” washing machine, as well as the launch of Samsung Takeback and Recycle (STAR) Program in India have been…

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