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The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Complete Reference Guide to Concepts, Codes and Organisations

071015_azcsr1.jpgThis unique publication from the Institute for Corporate Culture Affairs (ICCA) provides for the first time a complete reference guide to everything one needs to know about CSR, sustainability, governance and business ethics. Each one of the almost 400 terms is set out succinctly in an easy to use guide. From general concepts such as sustainability, stakeholder management, business ethics and human rights to more specific topics such as carbon trading, eco-tourism, microfinance, biodiversity, the Base of the Pyramid model and globalisation. In addition to defi nitions of the most important terms across the wide range of CSR associated topics, this book also covers all the most important codes and guidelines, such as the Equator Principles, the UN Global Compact and ISO standards, as well as providing background on organisations such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and Transparency International and profiles of CSR in particular industries and regions. The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility is also unique in that it has brought together for the fi rst time over a hundred of the worlds leading thinkers, opinion formers, academics and business people to write on each subject in their own words. > Continue.

Publication: Contribution by Covalence | Country: Global | Source: Institute for Corporate Culture Affairs / Wiley

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